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Tozando Full Custom Iaito - Suzaku-

I ordered my first customized suzaku iaito and the product exceeded my expectations. I am overwhelmed by the quality. In addition, I got my order delivered about a week early.
Thank you so much for your work! I can higly recommend you.



Bought THE KURAMA BOGU SET four years ago. An extremely durable and confortable set.

Mauro P.

Aikuchi style is great!

I recently received this, it took a while as expected, but wow, it was worth the wait. Without a tsuba you unlock the sword via the saya. There are beautiful parts built on the saya to accommodate for this. This unlocking motion is amazingly fast. If you haven’t tried a tsuba-less iaito, you should. The quality is the highest of any Japanese iaito I have seen. Tozando really came thru with this one. Thank you.

Jared. C

Well made, light protective Kote

Hard to find off the shelf LL or XL kote that actually fit, these are perfect. Super construction, padding works great. Hand length A is just undet 21, and these have just the right fit. Thanks to Tozando for helping to choose these!



I received a package from you today. I Thank Tozando for the high quality of the Gi. Thank you for your respectful attitude to customers and organization of fast delivery.

Yuriy M.

Best anti-static hakama I have ever owned.

Living in a highly arid climate in the wintertime means that static electricity can be a real nuisance sometimes. This hakama is the best you can buy if you face a similar problem at times as I do. The reinforced aibiki is also a great feature I never see in non-Japanese-made hakama. In addition, there is a tag with an inspection manager's hanko stamp on it, meaning that the attention to detail is impeccable and also something rare for non-Japanese products.


Byakko - Satsuma Koshirae -Habahiro Iaito

Elegantly beautiful.
I received this iaito a few days ago and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The tsuka is simple and elegant and feels very good in hand. I have mine with silk tsuka wrapping. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship! [...]


Tsubaki Deluxe Bokuto

Very fine. My first training weapon is one of these and its perfect. Nice wood. Good mass. Excellent craft work.

Michael W.

Aikido Foam Tanto

Absolutely great product. Wooden and rubber knifes can’t really be used full speed without risking injury. Attackers can attack full speed with the foam tanto and not worry about inflicting an injury. Also, it is easier to feel contact - cloth vs leather which allows the defender to know they got tagged and need to work on their technique.

Robin J.

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