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Byakko - Tenryu Semi-custom Iaito

by Tozando

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Tenryu means heavenly dragon and we see this koshirae as an evolution of our classic Genbu series Toryumon model. Like our other custom iaito, with the Tenryu Koshirae you have a wide array of choice over the design and aesthetics of your iaito. Though not fully customizable, it features many expanded options compared to standard set themed koshirae.

The sand-cast bubble-free zinc/aluminum alloy blade is available up to 2.70 shaku. You can chose between Hyojun (normal, up to 2.45 shaku), Keiryo Toshin (extra-light, up to 2.45 shaku) or Habahiro (extra-wide) blade types. The Tenryu offers a black cotton tsuka wrap and a black polyester sageo.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Wolfe
Exceptional value for new students of iaido

Multiple members of Itten Dojo have ordered this model iaito, and all have been very pleased with their swords. The Byakko - Tenryu iaito are very well made, with excellent balance and attractive tsuba and fuchi/kashira. These iaito will provide many years of service and are highly recommended.

Rod Watson

Byakko - Tenryu Semi-custom Iaito

Chayton Patterson
Excellent Work of Art

I needed a specific measurement for the art I'm practicing and Tozando does not disappoint! The iaito are certified and break down the components that go into the blade. But honestly my favorite thing about quality katana/iaito has to to be the tsuka handle. Unlike cheaper or foreign made swords the handle on these is always that perfect small, skinny feel that just feels right to wield.

Some journeys start a little later in life...

The balance and weight is excellent. I can finally return my sensei's iaito. Thank you Tozando and the fine swordsmiths that keep the martial arts world supplied.

Impeccable Sword

Extremely good after one year of usage, fittings are very tight and the sword itself looks amazing.