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The Nyumon Iaido Beginner's Set

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For Nyumon

Just starting out? This is the perfect set for you! When first beginning down the path that is iaido, the first steps will be made with a basic obi and a bokuto. A 149.00 dollar value, available here for only 110.00 Get started down the path today with the perfect beginner set! 


Hokkaido oak, which grows strongly and withstands the wind and snow of the cold northern lands, can reach heights of up to 35 meters and some trees are more than 1,000 years old. The oak and its characteristics have been thoroughly examined, and the wooden swords are carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen in the company's own specialist woodworking workshop.

The Obi

This is a basic cotton obi designed for use in iaido. It features a slightly stiffer polyester core for 220cm of its length to provide support for your breathing and practice, whilst the remaining length is pure cotton making it easy to tie. 380cm by cm.


Length:380 cm /Width: 6cm

The Saya

This saya is designed for use with our Standard or Deluxe models of bokuto. Please bear in mind that due to bokuto being made from natural materials and handmade a perfect fit cannot be guaranteed. It will not fit specialised bokuto, like those for specific koryu or suburi.

It is made form black PVC plastic and is approximately 78cm long.

Color: Navy obi belt

Customer Reviews

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Omer Tkacz
Great product!

This set is great!
The products in this set is very high quality.
I would recommend to anyone who is starting iaido or just looking for a bokuto and saya to buy this set!
Also the shipping was really fast!