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Budoka Voices

Based on 648 reviews

Excelente tenugui. Y un servicio magnifico.

Minosaka Higo Koshirae Iaito

Solid construction. Ancient feel.

Great quality shinai

Ordered 10 shinai and they are extremely high quality!


This was a joy to receive. It is incredibly well crafted and balanced.

Black Aikido Obi
Andrew Doronin
Black Obi


Great product!

The sizing is accurate. Overall very happy with the purchase. Hakama is a thin nylon material and has sewn pleats, and is cool for those hot summer months practices.

Amazing piece.

Amazing piece. I have been borrowing some of the swords in the Dojo that are 1k+ and this sword feels just as good as those or even better. I was so impressed with the quality of this product. I will 100% be buying more from this company!!

Hiranami Fuchi & Kashira - Silver Plated Brass

An excellent fuchi kashira set. Nice and heavy with superb attention to detail.

Indigo Dyed Men Himo
Darko Perović

Indigo Dyed Men Himo

Furyu - Uchimizu Iaido Gi
Axel Ibanhez Pilih
Great Gi for hot summer days

The Gi is just perfect for when it’s too warm during keiko. I will definitely buy another one

Wow incredible

AH250 - Basic Tetron Hakama
Valter Battaglini


Excellent product and service, fast delivery !

Excellent Material, Poor Size system

For the Dogi, it was too small or size system not proper. I was going to return for a proper size, but shipping cost is to high for it. But in the other hand, the fabric or material is excellent a very good stiches and thread. The Hakama was workable to my size in a tight way. But honerd to have it form you! Thank You!

Budo Wing Bogu Backpack
Thant Synn Win Thant Synn Win
Good delivery time and compartment sizes are right

The delivery time is right, and the compartments of the Bogu backpack are good sizes. It fits the bogu set snuggly.

Tozando Full Custom Iaito - Suzaku

Tomoe Umebachi Tsuba
Cooper Davenport

The quality of this tsuba is very high, I purchased this a few months ago and comparing it to any tsuba made in America or China. Hands down if you're looking for a collector's piece or a real Japanese tsuba, this tsuba is simple and beautiful-

Hakama & Obi


Fast shipping and high quality. I suppose this will last me for years

Tozando Sashiko Bag
Kasper Binert

Great bag!


Great work

Black Aikido Obi
Marius Lupa
Black obi

Quality of fabric very poor

Indigo Dyed Do Himo
Darko Perović

Good products as always. Thank you very much!

Mixed feeling

Bought this on sale. and was keen to have this as my backup kote. Followed instruction that this ran abit smaller than usual, so I bought a X (My usual is L), but it felt abit tight still but not bad. But the thumb part felt way too tight, felt as though the thumb section is shorter than normal.
Also notice my kote himo is alot thinner than other kote I have.

Perfect for those new to Iaido

I purchased the Bokuto (Bokken?), as I'm only just starting out on my Iaido path, and it doesn't disappoint, the version I received is immaculately finished, the plastic Saya, on mine at least, fits very snugly, add to that the plastic Tsuba, and this training sword is a very nice addition to your starter training gear.