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Tozando Club

What is the Tozando Club?

We at Tozando always strive to provide the highest quality budo equipment at the best possible price. Decades ago, in order to become even closer to all the budoka around the world, we created the Tozando Club. Now, we wanted to not only bring it back, but make it even better for those who have supported us and let us be a part of this wonderful, cultural community. The revised Tozando Club is a new addition to our memberships; open to everybody, and completely free.


Your benefits as a member

Once a year, members will receive a personal birthday coupon, for that special item you have had your eye on. In addition, for members of dojo or clubs that are part of our Tozando Partnership Plan, we want to congratulate your efforts by sending you a special discount coupon whenever you receive a new dan rank or grade in your martial art. These will be applicable with your personal account. We will also be adding more great benefits for members as we go, so there will always be something to look forward to as a Tozando Club member!