Kendo Uniforms

Kendo Uniforms

Full view of black, navy and white variations.
21% offFull view of the vixia unifrom set next to the vixia logo.
Full view of the clothes hanger.
Full view of the kendo uniform worn.
Full front view of the juban/
dark navy musashi dogi front view
Front view.
Upper dogi and collar view.
Hakama full view.
Front view of pleats and obi.
Full front view of the aizome uniform worn.
Dogi worn with hakama, front view.
Front view with cutaway showing the inner lining.
Full front view.
Front view, unworn.
Basic Single Layered Cotton Kendo Gi White Front view
Full front view, half opened to show inner lining.
white edo zashi kendo gi pattern close up
Navy and white variants worn next to each other.
11% offAoi Kendo Gi

Aoi Kendo Gi

$197.25 $221.56

Black hakama, full-length front view.
10% offAoi Kendo Hakama

Aoi Kendo Hakama

$221.56 $245.87

Navy and white collar variants side by side.
Sold outThe dogi and hakama seen next to each other.
Front view, worn with hakama.
Sold outHakama full view.
unbleached single-layer kendo gi front view
#8800 Hakama worn with dogi, full length view.
White Hakama full view.
Dogi worn with hakama.
Full view of the tailored hakama.
Full dogi view.
Sold outPersimmon-Dyed Cotton Kendo Gi front view