Dojo Partnership

Why a pro account?

Tozando strives to develop and spread budo all over the world. We support Dojo & Clubs by providing our high-performance products at discounted prices. If you represent a Dojo or a Club and wish to acquire our products at a preferential rate with a pro account, please fill in the following form. Join the Tozando Team!


Conditions of Use

    • Apply to the Dojo Discount to get a pro account.    
    • One account per dojo only.             
    • One shipping address per order.     
    • One time payment only.             
    • Only one representative per account.                 
    • Regular discounts (such as Reward Points, Campaigns, Free Gifts...) do not apply to pro accounts.
    • Dojo Discounts are coupon based and the rate is decided by the order amount in USD. Coupons details will be explained upon application.
    • Dojo Discounts are only applicable to the products displayed in the Dojo categories within each budo menu.


    Application Form