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Genbu - Toryumon V2 Koshirae Iaito

by Tozando

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Upgraded with beautiful copper fittings, the V2 is an alternative design to the classic Toryumon Koshirae, making the most of our workshops wide-range of high-quality fittings.

The phrase "toryumon" describes a climbing dragon, reaching up to a gate - it refers to the path we must all take to improve ourselves and rise to the next challenge. It is with this attitude in mind, that we hope iaidoka of all levels will use the toryumon to achieve their goals in their keiko.

Comes as standard with black cotton tsuka ito and sageo, copper bamboo themed menuki, fuchi and kashira. You can choose the tsuba that compliments your tastes. The suguha hamon creates a refined straight line down the length of the blade. The blade is made from a zinc/aluminium alloy that is sand-cast and bubble free. Each Toryumon is made by our workshop in Gifu Prefecture by hand.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Eliot Thorpe
Swift and Reliable delivery - amazing sword

I am a beginner and this is the perfect sword for me, it's lightweight and the grip is perfect - The international delivery was quicker than I expected and arrived with absolutely no damage or scratches

Lucas Davis
It's absolutely beautiful!

I saved up for a minute to get this; as I am a college student with little income. However, I was happy to place the order. It came in 3 weeks early, and with some customs delays I finally received it.

It's stunning, truly! The handiwork on the tsuba and tsuka are amazing for this price range and the blade itself is breathtaking. I've always been a fan of Japanese swords, so when I started Iaido a while back and eventually ended up placing this order I was anxious.

The weight and size feels absolute perfect for me, and the deep bohi gives the most satisfying sound when I swing it. Thank you so much, Tozando!

Nir Koblenc
Genbu Toryumon V2 Koshirae Iaito - absolutely gorgeous

This iaito is very beautiful and masterfully made. I am honored and delighted and excited to meet my new training partner for iai for years to come. It was carefully packed and arrived in perfect condition. Dear Tozando,.thank you very much!

Neville Cartwright
Genbu Toryumon V2

What an easy company to deal with ordered this Iaito at the beginning of December took delivery today beginning of Feb, They thought I would have problems getting it in to UK as laws are strict, I sent over my training licence and it was delivered straight to me, after import tax that is,
What a beautifully made Iaito well balanced and lighter that my current Iaito, it looks stunning and it is a semi custom piece (limited choices but choices non the less) I’m very happy with the service from Tozando international, if you do some research and send the correct info over that they need and require it’s and easy process to get them delivered

Into the Uk

Josh La Selva

Excellent quality, high value product.