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About Tozando

Tozando's Mission: Creating First-Class Equipment. Depelopping World-Class Warriors.

About Tozando

Tozando was established in 1989 with only one goal in mind: to provide the world's budoka with the best equipment Japanese craftsmanship can offer. The only way to achieve such a goal was through rigorous commitment to quality, innovation and service.
Tozando's Kendo Bogu craftsman, Onishi Akira talking with multiple-time All Japan Kendo champion, Nishimura Hidehisa
More than 30 years later, we are proud to claim that we are known for making World Champion class equipment, pushing the boundaries of modern and traditional Japanese craftsmanship through constant innovations and providing budo equipment all over the world.
We strongly believe that empowering passionate budoka on their path of self-improvment can aid in developing discipline and maturity. Applied globally, this will bring about positive change in the World.
Tozando's Budo uniform craftswoman who is making Aikido gear.

Quality is Our #1 Priority

When Tozando CEO, Takahiko Kimura, was asked to be the interpreter for the Italian National Kendo Team in Japan, he was first expecting to see laid back and cheerful practicioners, but was met with very serious and passionate Kendoka. This pleasant surprise lead instantly to the highest respect towards the Italian budoka.
Practicing martial arts with bad quality equipment could lead to serious injuries, so out of respect, Kimura was concerned when he noticed the disparity between the high spirit and passion of the practitioners and the quality of their equipment, which he felt was not appropriate for a national team. Conversing with them he understood how hard and expensive it was for them to obtain good quality martial arts gear abroad.

As a result, Kimura made it his mission to ensure that international budo practitioners would have access to the same quality equipment as their Japanese counterparts, and thus created Tozando with the aim of delivering the highest quality equipment at a fair price to every corner of the globe.
CEO and Founder of Tozando, Kimura Takahiko

Quality in innovation and service

Martial arts practitioners take their craft seriously, and Tozando maintains the mindset of putting the customer first, ensuring we are always in a supportive role so that you can become a master of your art.
We believe innovation is part of our responsibility as an industry leader and so we invest our time and effort to keep on pushing the boundaries of martial arts development.
Tozando CEO, Kimura Takahiko and All Japan Kendo champion, Kiwada Daiki discussing about new materials for Kendo Bogu
We have patented many technologies and designs dedicated to martial arts, for example our "Bioclean" treatment making martial arts uniforms anti-odorant and anti-bacterial. The Tornado-stitch® futon making your bogu, especially kote, more protective than ever before. Also the IBB safety guard that protects your throat from piercing tsuki strikes and lets you practice with complete confidence. These are products that can only be found at Tozando.
Tozando Iaito sword craftsman is inspecting the finished product.
The staff at Tozando are made up of various martial arts practioners, so it's quite natural for us to see through the eyes of the customer. We constantly research and update our stock to best meet the needs of our worldwide customer base.We do our very best to respond to enquiries and requests in a timely fashion, utilizing all the information and experience at our disposal, in order to best serve you.
Budo is a lifelong journey, so we hope you will allow Tozando to accompany you every step of the way.
ozando Kendo Bogu craftsman, Nagasaki Tatsuo giving his advise to a customer

Supporting the global martial arts community

As global interest in Japanese martial arts continues to increase, Tozando has been at the forefront of the movement in Japan and abroad.
We help support the global martial arts community by organizing training camps with top practitioners from around the world, sponsoring competitions, and donating kendo sets to developing countries, all in an effort expand the reach and influence of Japanese martial arts.
Tozando customers from Russia, enjoying shopping at Kyoto store
In Japan, the quality and authenticity of our products brought us opportunities to partner up with major media studios such as Sanrio and Toei Animation in the production of Samurai movies and musicals to help the benefits of martial arts appeal to younger generations.
We are in constant pursuit of different avenues to raise the profile of martial arts. We intimately believe that the betterment of the World around us starts within and by constantly supporting the martial arts community and its teachings of discipline and respect we hope that it brings, even if just a little, a positive impact to the rest of the World.
Ambitious Kendo girls in Iwate prefecture
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