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Tozando's Three Committments

We have come so far by being committed to our business. Because we are committed we are where we are today. The following are the three committments that defines Tozando
Tozando's CEO and Founder, Kimura Takahiko discussing about Kendo Men Futon with the Bogu crafstman, Nagasaki Tatsuo

Committed to quality

Being committed to quality can mean to provide top quality products without compromising, but in order to do so, you also need to ensure that the traditional craftsmanship and experience are passed down to the next generation. By only saying that you are the very best, or first class or being a certain generation, you wouldn't understand the weight of tradition.
Just by nurturing the experience and knowledge of our predecessors and inheriting their very soul through many years of training to preserve their teachings, yet keep innovating and adapting with the times, you can provide true tradition and quality. We at Tozando have committed ourselves to this. As a company, it’s our responsibility to innovate by relentlessly researching and evolving to provide the very best to our customers.
Bogu that have anti-bacterial qualities and Gi that are very light yet durable, by listening to the voice of our customers we improve our craftsmanship and production methods so that we can manufacture products that our customers truly needs.
Tozando's original BioCLEAN-treated Kendo Bogu Men
However, no matter how traditional or how innovative a product is, we acknowledge that it is simply one part of "quality". If the product is not properly delivered to the end user, none of this has any meaning. This is why we have put effort into logistics and ship our products from our own logistics center, to ensure that all products are thoroughly quality ensured and packaged so that the products are safely delivered to our customers.
Tozando quality control team inspecting Kendo equipment.

Committed to price

Our commitment to price doesn’t mean that we simply aim for the lowest price, on the contrary we believe that truly good products should sell themselves and should be appropriately priced thereafter. By streamlining manufacturing, sales and logistics, we can deliver products that have high quality and products that have a price that are appropriate to that quality. There is nothing more joyous to us than knowing that our customers are not only satisfied with the product and the price, but also sees the value of the craftsmanship and Tozando as a brand.
Tozando Kimono craftsman tailoring the world-famous Aikido Hakama, AH-500.
To allow more people to discover the value of Tozando products, we were pioneers in the online shopping market for Budo equipment, this is why Tozando is not only known in Kyoto or Japan, but is loved and used by Budo practitioners daily all over the world. We continue to strive to provide products that you can buy when you need to buy them, and at a reasonable price. That’s why we are never negligent in ensuring that the quality of our products are appropriate and available for anyone from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Committed to service

Since we were founded in 1989 in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, we have been committed to providing the best service to our customers. We several stores in Japan, located in Kyoto and Tokyo, where experienced staff are always looking forwards to meeting new and old customers. Even in Japan, Kyoto is a special place and we are proud to have opened our first store there, but it also means that we have to live up to the high service standards of the old capital.
Tozando sales staff giving some helpful tips about choosing a good Kendo Bogu.
Of course there are many customers who are happy just to be able to be in one of our stores, however, as a store in Kyoto we put utmost effort into providing peace of mind for our customers by providing the highest quality of service to welcome our customers. As a manufacturer, we at Tozando hope that your affection for the products you buy from us will not only stop at the moment you buy it from us, but will also last after buying it and using it for a long time. Engraving your Shinai or Bokken because you love it, embroidering your Gi or Bag with your name or favorite words so that you know that it’s yours, sending it in for maintenance or repair because you don’t want to throw it away.
Russian customers enjoy visiting and shopping at Tozando Nishijin store in Kyoto.
Because we know that good things are things that you can’t bear to part with, we provide various services to make your equipment unique and personal. We wish to spread Budo throughout the world using Budo equipment as a medium, and because of this we strive to continue making products that are beloved by our customers.
Tozando sales staff enjoys talking with the customer.
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