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Tozando Affiliate Program: Share & Earn

Tozando Affiliate ProgramSince the 80's Tozando great equipment has been a word-to-mouth success. Many of you already recommended us at your dojo, at budo events and online since the early days of the internet. We would like now to give back to our fans with our new partnership.

affiliate program banner

What is an affiliate link?

Nothing simpler, it is the usual Tozandoshop link augmented with your ID.

Just like this:

Moreover,  your ID is created automatically when your application is accepted. It is anonymous and completely safe.

What does an affiliate link do?

The link tells us which purchases on our website were made through the link you shared.

Who can apply?

Affiliate links are perfect for Dojo heads, sensei, and of course content creators. They are an incredibly easy way for your students, and followers to support your activity. You do not have to be one of the above, the program is open to anyone considered a legal adult in their country of residence.

When can I start?

We are currently looking for new affiliates, don't miss your chance. Whether you are one of our long-time patrons, or just discovered our great martial arts brand, apply to join the Tozando Team!