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PVC Shinai Bag

by Tozando

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Water-resistant 3 shinai Bag

Made from water-resistant PVC, this solid and durable shinai bag is notable for its strong construction and a sturdy strap. This makes it especially useful for kendoka who take a bicycle to the dojo and still need a roomy and resistant bag.

Made for everyday use

To resist the everyday wear and tear of travel the bag has been reinforced at the bottom allowing it to be stowed easily during transport and not get damaged by being stood up against a wall. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry and this has also been reinforced for extra durability. it can hold up to 3 shinai as well as a couple of additional bokuto without the tsuba attached.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alfred Jorrel Bayle
Worth the money

Although it's faux leather, the quality of the material is quite good. I'm able to store 2 shinais and 2 bokutos in the bag no problem. The shoulder strap is thick and solid which gives you a sense that this thing won't rip or flay for a very long time. I've had it for 11 months now and it's still holding up real well despite rain, scorching hot weather, and humidity. Not a single tear either where the strap connects to the bag. I was worried that the material might melt from our house's ambient heat during really hot days but so far it's still unscathed. It does help to keep it away from the walls as much as possible as a basic care strategy since concrete walls radiate a lot of heat on hot days.

Sergio Gutierrez

La calidad del material es excelente, es amplio y puedo llevar tres shinai y un bokken sin tsuba. La correa es larga, lo que permite ponerla en el hombro y caminar cómodo o viajar en transporte. Totalmente recomendado.