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Yo-hachijo Hayate Black Belt

Original price $49.00 - Original price $55.00
Original price
$49.00 - $55.00
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Comfort and Durability

The special sewing technique used for the Yo-hachijo black belt makes it incredibly durable while also giving an extra level of comfort.

The greatest design feature of this belt is its high-friction surface that can be tied securely and does not come undone even during vigorous practice. 

The extra thickness created from the special sewing technique also adds a feeling of heaviness to the movements of the competitor while also adding a distinct silhouette. 

Special attention has been put into the dyeing process, giving an incredibly high quality of the black finish that will not fade with time.



100% high-quality cotton.

The black color is long-lasting and wash-resistant.

Made in Japan

Size Length(cm)
2 235
3 255
4 275
5 295
6 315