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Tokugawa Yoshimune's Koshirae

by Tozando
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Tokugawa Yoshimune was the eighth Shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, ruling from 1716 until his abdication in 1745, and his biggest challenge was achievment was the financial reforms during the economic crisis those days called the Kyoho Reforms. Because of the long-running television series Abarenbo Shogun(Rowdy Shogun), Yoshimune is one of the most wellknown Shogun of all Tokugawa Shogun. This Tokugawa Shogun Yoshimune Koshirae features the characteristic Tokugawa Aoi family crest engraving on brass-made Habaki, and iron Tsuba with dragom theme is gold-plated. Fuchi/Kashira and Menuki, that are made of brass, are also gold-plated. The white color Sageo and Tsuka cord represent Yoshimune's favorite color. Features A sand-casted, reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy extra wide blade with Suguha Hamon Single grooved Hi Approximately 850 gram without the Saya(for 2.45 Shaku) White coton Tsuka Hinerimaki wrapping over stingray skin Gold-plated brass Fuchi/Kashira with dragon theme Gold-plated iron Tsuba with dragon theme Gold-plated brass Menuki with dragon theme Black gloss Saya Handmade in Japan.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.