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Katsu - Iaido Uniform Set

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The traditional Tetoron fabric with excellent durability is painstakingly sewn by hand by professional sewing craftsmen in Nishijin, Kyoto, to create our original iai dogi.

The orthodox and excellent quality Tetoron fabric brings stability and warmth and suppleness. It is carefully cut and sewn by our craftsmen, making it durable and easy to move in while also helping to realize a beautiful silhouette when worn.

This fantastic uniform set brings all of this and is perfect for year round usage.  


This iaido Gi also features the chest-seaming, well-known in Japan as "okumi", which prevents the Gi getting disheveled and maintains a beautiful silhouette, even without the use of himo.


The pleats are well-pressed and stitched on the inside to prevent them opening up when performing the unique and dynamic movements of iaido. By keeping the shape and the silhouette of the hakama tidy, not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but it also allows for a better performance. The stitched inner-pleats makes the Ten Hakama easy to fold and wash, without the need to iron the folds after each practice.

 Proudly made in Kyoto, Japan by our Heian Tailors.