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Synthetic Kurozan Leather Shinai Bag

by Tozando
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3 shinai bag

This is a luxurious shinai bag, made from synthetic leather that has received a high quality pressed finish letting it take on the appearance of Kurozan Leather. Kurozan is a style of pressed and lacquered leather that is most commonly seen as the main material for the mune - chest piece on Kendo armor.

Large enough to fit 3 full-size shinai easily, even with thicker tsuka, this is a rugged, yet elegant shinai bag perfect for kendoka looking for the advantages of modern materials without giving up a refined aesthetic.

Durable & water-resitant

Thanks to the durable synthetic leather it is a good option for kendoka who regularly travel or commute to keiko via public transport or by bicycle, it is also water-resistant. It comes with an external pocket for your accessories. The shoulder strap is adjustable and securely fitted to the bag.

The Shinai bag is closed with a zipper and can hold up to three adult size Shinai, even if they are extra thick Dobari Shinai, without problems! Features For 3 Shinai With adjustable shoulder strap


Length:  Approx.121.0 cm
Width:  Approx.16.0 cm
Depth: Approx.3.5 cm