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Standard Tetron Jukendo Gi

by Tozando
Original price $53.21 - Original price $57.80
Original price
$53.21 - $57.80
Current price $53.21

A standard issue jacket for jukendo practice. Made form durable tetron that is light and breathable, but with the durability of synthetic fabric.

The dogi can be secured with velcro at the bottom hem and with himo ties allowing the user to adjust the fit to their body. Velcro bands also help secure the sleeves so they do not trap the mokuju during keiko.


Recommended Sizes by Height

  • Size 2 - 145cm to 154cm
  • Size 3 - 155cm to 164cm
  • Size 4 - 165cm to 174cm
  • Size 5 - 175cm to 184cm
  • Size 6 - 185cm to 194cm