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Mine Kinsei - 6mm Fit-stitch Orizashi Bogu Set

Original price $2,041.28 - Original price $2,041.28
Original price $2,041.28
$2,041.28 - $2,041.28
Current price $2,041.28

Kinsei means "made with the utmost care". It conveys the craftsmen's reverent process while they put their whole heart in the fabrication.

As a Mine bogu, the Kinsei features all the hall-marks of Mitsuboshi's legendary craftsmanship: the original fit-stitch futon, gunome-zashi mendare, gakuzashi odare, genuine deerskin herikawa and tsuki-dare as well a unique 6-layer futon core.

The menbuton and tare-obi will shape themselves so effortlessly around your body that no break-in period is necessary.

The main feature of the KINSEI is its 6 layers futon, providing an incredible cushioning. Every layer is carefully hand-cut by Mitsuboshi's expert craftsmen, for a perfect combination of protective thickness and elegant shaping. The oblique edge cut gives a smooth and neat silhouette to the menbuton.

Another feature is the improved grip provided by the new "F Shape" of this kote. Highly protective, the construction will also bring you to a new sensation of finesse and control upon the shinai tsuka. The tenouchi is made of micro-punch material for comfort and breathability.