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Kyoto Kissho - 8mm Bogu Set

by Tozando

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Sparing no effort from start to finish

Kyoto Kissho is a high quality kendo bogu, created without sparing any effort from start to finish. The navy blue deerskin leather and indigo-dyed fabric fades with use, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful changes over time through years of keiko. The navy blue deer leather and indigo-dyed fabric will fade beautifully together and the futon will become more form fit as you use it, allowing it to truly become your bogu.

The diamond and 8mm stitch of the mendare allows for both resiliant durability and the perfect shape for your mendare. The 8mm sticthed futon allows for the wonderful flexibility, durability, maneuverability, and impact absorption that one might expect from higher priced or hand stitched bogu, without the substantial cost. 

This set includes

Men, Kote, Do, Tare, Tenugui, Men-himo, Men Chichigawa, Do-himo.

*Size charts are available at the end of our photo gallery*


8mm Cross-stitched nanamezashi (Diamond Stitch)

Japanese Deer Leather reinforcement and herikawa

Uchiwa : Cotton 

Binta: High grade kurozan leather

Tsuki-ago: 4 dan nanamezashi


Kote atama: Orizashi stitched 

Atama Stuffing: Cotton

Tenouchi: Japanese Deer Leather




Mune: High quality kurozan leather

Mune Kazari: Hongumo / Nanamezashi

Shitate: Kaeshiberi

Do-dai: 50 slat Yamato resin 


Odare/ Kodare - Carefully selected Japanese deer leather

Tare Dan Kazari: 5 dan kazari


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Gianmarco Spinaci

Amazing bogu