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Koetsu - Tezashi Konkawa Bogu Set

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$5,697.25 - $6,697.25
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The Koetsu is one of our finest examples of tezashi bogu. Designed to be used anywhere, from keiko at your dojo, to the embu at the Kyoto taikai - the Koetsu prioritizes protection, and quality of construction in its materials.


The futon is made from layers of crimson mosen, felt woven from goat hair, sandwiched between cotton fabric that has been dyed using genuine Japanese aizome indigo. This is then stitched in a precise grid pattern. This method relies on each individual stitch occupying its own point, leaving the minimal amount of thread showing on the surface - this is where tezashi bogu gets its reputation for durability. it also enhances the fit as the material holds its shape and molds to your body more closely than machine-stitched futon.


The koetsu takes this wonderful foundation and adds soft, yet durable indigo dyed deerskin, using the same genuine Japanese aizome as the fabric. Whereas cheaper tezashi bogu can have wildly varying qualities amongst the components, the Koetsu ensures quality throughout so the bogu does not fail or wear at different rates.


The final assembly is done in Kyoto where our expert bogu craftsman assembles each component by hand, adjusting the fit to each customer's needs.


The Koetsu is designed to be a lifetime, not just a fancy suit of armor to use at an embu or important shinsa. The Koetsu will serve you faithfully through every keiko, exam or tournament you encounter as it will have been singularly designed with you and your keiko in mind. Built from the ground up to fit you and only you.