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Kanmuri Shinai Bag

by Kanmuri

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Heavy-duty 3 to 4 Shinai Bag

Durable, spacious, and practical - the Kanmuri Shinai Bag is a tried and tested favorite amongst Japan's High School and University athletes. It combines a heavy-duty structure with high-quality materials to create a professional-looking shinai bag that makes sure you have all the space necessary for any events you might attend.

Water-resistant Techno-leather

Made from Kanmuri's signature "Techno Leather" it is well suited to regular travel and wear and tear, it is also water-resistant making it popular amongst students who travel to keiko via bicycle or public transport.


It can fit up to 4 shinai or more commonly 3 shinai and an accompanying bokuto. Unlike many shinai bags, it actually features two external pockets for additional accessories rather than only one.

It is available in straight black or with gold trim.