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Furyu - Uchimizu Iaido Uniform Set

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Summer-ready uniform set

This uniform set is hand-made for the intense summer heat at our headquarters in Nishijin Kyoto. The Furyu is made using our specially designed "uchimizu" fabric, the lattice-like structure allows for a wafer-thin fabric that retains all the durability of heavier canvas. Breathable and effortlessly light it is perfect for the graceful and deliberate movements of Iaido.

This set lets you purchase the dogi and hakama simultaneously at a discount, an excellent choice for iaidoka looking for a matching uniform.

Order-made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great product. It’s comfortable and looks nice.

Very Good

Very light and pleasant, i like this uniform set.
The shipping was very fast.
I'm very satisfied about Tozando Shop

Very well made

I ordered this and thought I would have buyer's regret due to cost and unknown strength of fabric. But I am happy to say it is fantastic. I use this uniform whenever I travel to Singapore as it's much lighter to pack and cooling in the humid weather. I also use this for the Summer season and Spring seminar for a full day of training and it's perfect for a full day. It's light that it doesn't weigh me down through the day.

Istvan Mihaly
General review

The Iaido uniform set arrived to Europe in about 10 days from Japan, so it was a really fast deivery. The package was intact, and the uniform was packed perfectly, like if it was sent from the factory a day before. Before I tried it on I was a bit worried how it would fit, but when I put it on, it matched my size perfectly! The material is really light but strong, it is really comfortable to wear and in top of that the look of the fabric makes this uniform very elegant and stylish. No seamless threads, the sewing is flawless. The embroideries are in perfect position and they are a work of quality too. I could just recommend this uniform, it absolutely outperforms my requirements and no doubt, it's worth the money.