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Akebono - Nami Tsumugi Iaido Hakama

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The Akebono are made from polyester that has been specially woven in the " nami tsumugi" style, anmed after the wave-like patterns it produces. This gives the hakama a luzurious, yet traditional look befitting of iaido practice.

Tsumugi textiles are traditionally made by using silk floss which is spun by hand into yarn. Because of the intensive production process it was once considered inferior to regular silk as it took a lot of time and work to weave the yarn into a proper garment. Nowadays it's recognized as an important traditional Japanese handicraft that is internationally recognized for it's quality.

This is a polyester based tsumugi fabric that is perfect for iaido hakama. The slightly rough texture makes it very similar to the fabric that is used for old casual kimono wear. It also has a slightly more matte appearance compared to regular Polyester based fabrics. Being made of polyester is extremely durable and upkeep is very straightforward.

The Akebono is made by the experienced tailors of our Heian workshop, based at our headquarters in Nishijin, Kyoto. Featuring stitched inner-pleats and a slim obi with extra stitching for easy tying, it maintains a beautiful and sober appearance throughout training.

The comfort of Tsumigi weave combined with the fast drying of polyester makes it an ideal pair of hakama for hot and humid keiko.

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful texture

I wore this hakama for the first time yesterday (training in MJER), the fabric is pleasantly lighter than it looks, the texture is extremely satisfying to the touch and the overall appearance is extremely elegant.
Absolutely satisfied with this purchase.

Christian Tucek

Because of the fine texture this Hakama looks famous and distinguished in style – and the golden embroidery on the right hip looks amazing too!
It suits perfect to the brand SUIREI-KAN, the private school of my Iaido Sensei Ohshita Masataka.
Last not least: great job of Tozando – great support, quick delivery, kind & friendly customer service!