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Aikido Foam Tanto

by Tozando

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This foam-core tanto is made specifcally for the use in aikido weapons training.
It is used shodokan aikido competition, but can also be used as a safe alternative to a wooden tanto in regular training.
The core is made out of two pieces of contact foam, which makes it able to bend upon impact, making it safe for full force blow yet at the same time being capable of retaining it shape over a long time.
The outer layer is made out of a durable cotton canvas with a white leather stripe to signify the cutting edge of the tanto, and a white leather reinforcement on the tip.
The tanto is roughly 30 cm long and weighs about 75 grams.

Customer Reviews

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Robin Johnson

Absolutely great product. Wooden and rubber knifes can’t really be used full speed without risking injury. Attackers can attack full speed with the foam tanto and not worry about inflicting an injury. Also, it is easier to feel contact - cloth vs leather which allows the defender to know they got tagged and need to work on their technique.