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A-1 Alpha KIDS - Bogu Set

by Tozando
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One of our number one bogu sets is now available for young kenshi! This children's bogu is modeled after one of our most popular adult bogu, the A-1 alpha. Supported by the same 6mm futon and using traditional orizashi, this is a classic design with new modern improvements to help give your little one an edge. The duralumin mengane is both stong and light, yet still gives the wearer great visibility. The men-dare has the same diagonal cut as the adult version making shoulder movement easy but still keeping them protected under the well padded futon. With micro-punch clarino palms, these kote will keep you comfortable and safe in keiko, but also dry more quickly than traditional leather kote plams. The do, as well, maintains the custom mune design from the adult A-1 and brings it down to size to give young kenshi that unmistakable kendoka look. The tare finishes off the silhouette with an attractive design,  naname-zashi o-dare on the left and right to allow the tare to maintain a beautiful shape and also diagonal cuts to make for easy leg movements helping to make ashi-sabaki easier. 

All the bogu is accented in lovely red highlights through yabane stitching to give it just that little bit of understated class. 

This set includes all necessary himo for men and do along with chichi-gawa

*Please allow approximately 2 months for production