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Tora - 6mm Orizashi Ergonomic Kote

by Tozando

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With its special head construction, the Tora gives you instantly the perfect grip over the Shinai Tsuka. The 5 kazari-ito braids and new cut, are engineered to shape your fingers comfortably into kamae in accordance with the proper way taught by teachers. Your fingers will naturally roll themselves around the tsuka from little finger to index. No more "pincer-like hand", or lengthy process to break the Kote into the proper shape.



※ While these kote are considered Washable*, this should not be done by fully submerging the kote in water. Please use a damp cloth to wash the surface area inside the futon and on the palms. Fully submerging the kote in water can cause the fist to lose some of its shape and cause the stuffing to shift. 

Tora Kote have a tendency to run slightly small. For a more comfortable fit, we suggest ordering on size larger than the size chart shows.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlos Patrón

Very comfortable kotes!

Louis Mang
Comfortable Kote

Very nice Kote

Andreas Linhart

Fits perfect

Great practice pair

Great pair the palm worked well. However for heavy practice 4-5 times a week the thumb for me wore out quickly. I have had them re-palmed and still love them.

Sit Kesjamras
Low price, comfortable, and protective.

I bought this Kote since 2019, and been using it for 3 years. The kote is still working fine. Thanks to 5 kazari ito pattern at the fist, the finger's movement can be flexible and is very comfortable to grip a shinai.