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Summer Lightweight Aizome Single-layer Kendo Gi

by Tozando

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Lightweight summer-ready Aizome

This item usually ships within 2-3 business days. When customizations like embroidery or extension are applied consider additionally 2-7 business days.

A lightweight version of our classic aizome kendogi. Made with genuine aizome dyed cotton, woven in the sashiko style, this dogi retains the traditional kendo look, but the fabric is lighter and thinner making it extremely comfortable to wear during summer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pierre Rousseau

Got what i ordered. Quick delivery.

Perfectly Perfect

This cotton kendogi will feel premium right out of the box. Don't be too surprised if you go smurf-blue after wearing this or any aizome-dyed cotton gi or hakama for a while (that's the hallmark of an amazingly crafted and authentic product). Plus, the eventual colour-fading appearance is part of the kendoka aesthetic. Since it's made of cotton, it'll be pretty easy to stretch or shrink this gi to fit your body better. Worth every cent!

Blue, blue and only blue

Aesthetically beautiful but loses the blue color like rivers. It is impossible to be able to use it if you don't want to become like in Avatar. Is it toxic?

For hot, humid days

I needed a lightweight but still traditional aizome-dyed kendogi for the scorching summer heat and this kendogi is just perfect. The material is thinner but still looks elegant. Happy with it.

Very light, good colour

Great quality and stitching. Feels durable and and strong while being lightweight. Size 5 is about 750g. Genuine aizome bleeds and stains but I used the opportunity to refresh the colour on my old gi and jeans!