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Shikumi - Shinai Leather Fittings Set

by Tozando
Original price $16.35 - Original price $25.92
Original price
$16.35 - $25.92
Current price $16.35

※These fitting sets will be shipped as is and not applied to shinai in your order. If you would like a shinai to come with fittings, please choose from the fitting options on the shinai page. 

The bamboo staves in shinai are kept together by leather fittings known as shikumi. This set contains everything you need to completely replace the fittings on your old shinai or to add to fresh bamboo.

Our shikumi comes in three grades - Basic uses standard machine stitched leather for the handle and is a good inexpensive option, the downside is it cannot be used for shinai with handles thicker than 26mm.

The next grade up is Gin, our standard shikumi. This uses thicker leather that has been hand stitched for the tsuka and stronger loops for the tsuru. It can also come in wider versions for thicker shinai.

Finally, our deluxe grade shikumi uses high quality leather that is both soft and durable and has been hand-stitched. Instead of just two loops it has four providing the most secure fit and tension for your shinai.