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Sanada Yukimura's Muramasa Koshirae

by Tozando
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Historical Background

Sanada Yukimura (1567-June 3, 1615) was a Japanese samurai, and second son of the Sengoku period daimyo Sanada Masayuki (1544-1611). His proper name was Sanada Nobushige, named after Takeda Shingen's younger brother Takeda Nobushige, who was a brave and respected warrior.

He and his father were known for being excellent military tacticians. Though their army was very small, they won many battles in which they were outnumbered. Through these feats, he would gain fame and forever a place in Japanese history. Sanada Yukimura was called "A Hero who may appear once in a hundred years" and a "crimson demon of war".  This Sanada Yukimura Koshirae reproduces Yoto Muramasa, a cursed blade made by Muramasa, which terrified Tokugawa Ieyasu.

It is said that Ieyasu had lost his son, many friends, and relatives to Muramasa blades and had cut himself badly with one, so he forbade his samurai to wear Muramasa blades. On other hand, Yukimura was purposely carrying Muramasa and had it in his hand at the battle of Sekigahara. The fitting ornaments feature luck-bringing gourds with cherry blossoms on blackened Fuchi/Kashira, catfishes and gourds on Menuki, and bamboo leaves on 7 cm diameter Tsuba. A synthetic leather Tsuka cord is wrapped over the blackened Tsukasame and Saya is lacquered Kuroro (black gloss finish).


High-quality silk Sageo features the purple Kikko - tortoiseshell pattern. A sand-cased, reinforced aluminum-zinc alloy blade provides superb balance for dynamic air-slashing moves. Each part is uncompromisingly hand-assembled by the Japanese sword craftsman, who is an expert in making the genuine Japanese sword, Shinken. The blade is available up to 2.45 shaku. Weight without Saya is approximately 800 grams (for 2.45 shaku).

*Iaito are made with an aluminum-zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.