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Organic Aikido Hakama

by Tozando

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100% Organic Cotton

This Tozando Original Hakama is made from 100% organic cotton.

Traditional Color Choice  

On top of the traditional color choices of black and navy, we have expanded our range to also include olive green and brown, to allow for better individualization.

Traditionally Hakama did not only come in two colors. Colors were used depending on the season and what was available, which is why old images of practitioners using many different colors and styles. We want to bring this back, and allow more freedom of choice during practice.

Eco-friendly & Made for Aikido

These Hakama come with reinforcements specifically aimed at Aikido training, such as reinforced side vents, a soft Koshiita for softer and safer Ukemi as well as extra-long front straps to keep the Hakama securely fastened even during rigorous movement.

The front of the Hakama is raised slightly, making it easier to move around on the floor during seated techniques, and making it easier to stand without stepping on the hem, allowing for free-flowing techniques.

It also features two hanging loops on the inside of the Hakama, perfect for drying the Hakama after training or after wash. The loops can also be used to put into your belt to keep the height of the Hakama steady while putting on the hakama.

*Production usually takes 4 weeks.

Color: Black

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Hakama pants

These Hakama are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend and will be returning for all the other colours.