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Oniyanma - Hakkaku Kobangata Shinai

by Tozando
Original price $88.12 - Original price $96.20
Original price
$88.12 - $96.20
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This shinai features a distinctive "hakkaku" - octagonal - tsuka that is also kobangata, oval shaped. The result is a very easy and comfortable grip that is incredibly tactile - the koban shape pushes it closer to the feeling of a real katana, whilst the octagonal shaving gives you finer control over the shinogi when executing osae, harai and suriage waza. The tsuka is naturally thicker than usual at 28mm and the shinai is available in either Koto or Dobari versions.

The Dobari version has a broad body which lightens the tip, whereas the Koto version has slim body that distributes the weight evenly down the length of the blade resulting in a heavier tip.

※Please be aware that standard plastic tsuba will not fit shinai with a tsuka of 28mm and larger. These items will require an enlarged leather tsuba. For more information, please contact us prior to purchase.