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Nihonga Series Shinai Bags - Tatsu

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These beautifully made shinai bags are exclusive to our shop! Each bag in this series brings you an expressive, powerful, and traditional piece of Japanese art and are made proudly in Japan. Each piece was selected for not only its aesthetic beauty, but for the underlying meaning they possess and the connection that these pieces of art have with budo! 

The Year of the Dragon, or "tatsu-doshi" is the perfect time to unveil this wonderful dragon shinai bag. It is also a perfect counter to the Tiger shinai bag as the two are said to be the apposing symbols of Yin and Yang or light and dark. Seen here illustrated in the black ink  style of painting that was highly revered among the samurai, the dragon can be seen moving through the clouds and upwards into the sky. This motif, also known as "Unryu" is popular in not just painted art, but can be found on metal fittings for swords, clothing, jewelry and more. This style of dragon art, often found within castles, palaces, and temples is a very popular design and is admired through the lens of its connection to Zen and meditation. 

*These are order made items. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Tyler
great sword bag

I don't really use shinai, but this bag is roomy enough for a bokken and an iaito.
The design and printing are gorgeous.
I also like the materials used for the construction, particularly the reinforcement on the bottom.
While my bag did take quite a while to get to me, I would recommend it. Particularly if you want a sword bag that stands out with art over just a pattern.