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Men-Nari - Compact Suburi Shinai

by Tozando

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The Men-Nari, is a training tool shaped like a short Shinai that will allow you to do Suburi practice where ever you go.

Being compact and portable, the Men-Nari makes a snapping sound when swung with the accurate form, helping your body memorize the right speed, form, balance, and weight shift for when striking an opponent. The sound is caused by a weight inside the "blade" that slides and hits the tip of the Men-Nari when swung correctly and provides feedback for when you are using the correct form.

The product was produced by Hiromitsu Yoshida Sensei, a Kendo Kyoshi 8-dan. As a Kendo instructor for children in Japan, Yoshida Sensei made the Men-nari to have a tool that would make Suburi more fun and easy to understand, not to mention something that could easily be used in the comfort of your home to improve your Kendo skills. Suburi is the most basic form of training in Kendo, which is all the more reason to do Suburi correctly from the beginning as it directly affects your growth as a Kendoka. This is especially true for those living outside of Japan, where there might not always be access to high rank Sensei that can teach you, in such cases, this item might come in handy as a supportive Suburi tool.

The Men-Nari is very effective when used to improve your Jodan stance. It can also be used to improve the speed, strength and precision of Katate downward swings which is very useful for Nito-ryu practitioners.
While being developed for Kendo practitioners, the Men-Nari is also a effective for Iaido practitioners to train your body to remember the correct form for Suburi, however, as the Men-nari is lighter than most Iaito, and the grip is round, the feeling is slightly different compared to an Iaito. Also it will not provide as much strength/stamina training as a Iaito as it's both shorter and lighter than a Iaito.



Customer Reviews

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Alejandro Concha

Men-Nari - Compact Suburi Shinai

Kris A Stern
Good practice shinai for swordsmanship training

Bought one a couple years ago as a toy for experimenting with basic swordsmanship techniques, and has been quite impressed with the physics (i.e. the mechanics) of the device. The response reproduces the weight of the full-size shinai faithfully, except for a short length that is desirable for combat analysis.