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Kiri Lightweight Bokuto

by Tozando
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$58.72 - $77.98
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This Standard Kiri Bokken is made of selected high quality Kiri wood grown in Japan. Available in Long and Short versions.
This long model is recommended for Kendo practitioners practitioners who need a extremely light Bokken due to recovery from injury or for children and general paired contact kata practice.

What is Kiri?

Kiri is also know as 'Paulownia Tomentosa'. Kiri is a extremely light and valuable wood that has been used for making wooden boxes for storing tea ceremony tools and Japanese Katana since ancient times in Japan. Because of it's extreme light weight softness, it's for contact practice but it can be used by children, women or people recovering from injuries for Kata practice, and have traditionally been used for Enbu (performances) and sword dances where it shows it's worth.

Made of high quality Kiri wood
All handmade by Japanese expert craftsmen
Made in Japan

**Daito (No description for Shoto)
Total length: 101.5cm (approx. 40")
Blade: 75.5cm
Handle: 26cm
Weight: Approx. 150 grams