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Kakejiku Wall Scroll: Shrike on a dead branch

by Tozando
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One of the most famous works of art by the legendary swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. This kakejiku has been made using the original work that now resides at the Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts in Izumi, Japan. 

The work juxtaposes "life and death" and brings to light the incredible insight Musashi had not only in the composition of art, but in the natural world around him. Setting aside his ability as a swordsman, the skill to bring the image to life and show the intent of the shrike targeting its pray in the unexpecting caterpillar climbing the branch. 

Perhaps bringing the two arts together, we can get a feel for the upwards swipe of a sword in the long branch, the majority of which has been created with a single carefully placed stroke. 

Perfect for any home or dojo.


・High Quality & Durable Polyester Canvas

・Giclée Print Inkjet with extreme detail

・Traditional &Professional Wall Scroll Design 


Image - 34 x 85 cm

Scroll - 45.5 x 150 cm

Made in Japan