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In-Stock Tozando Inaho Gan Suzaku

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 In-Stock Tozando Suzaku Iaito

 Our Tozando Suzaku series iaito bring the best made-in-Japan quality possible to thousands of iaido-ka around the world. Trusted for it excellent balance, traditional construction, and reslient design, these iaito are made for beauty and practical use. This iaito was constructed using our Full Custom Iaito process and so is a one of a kind item. 

We have also decided to add an equally beautiful brocade sword bag to ensure this lovely iaito will have a comfortable place to be kept in between keiko. These bags are a $65.00 value and also includes a high grade fusa-himo!

The saya of this sword does have a nery minor blemish midway down the blade side of the saya. Though very minimal, we will add an image below for full disclosure. 

* As an In-stock iaito, this iaito will ship within 2-3 business days. 


Blade Type: Hyojun - Standard Blade

Blade Length: 2.45 Shaku (74.2cm)

Hamon: Gunome

Bohi: Single Groove

Hisaki: Standard

Tome: Standard

Tsuba: Gan - Iron ~71g (T-039-1IR4)

Habaki: Brass - Antique Finish

Seppa: Black Finish

Tsuka Length: 9 Sun (27.3cm)

Tsuka Shape: Hyojun  (Standard)

Tsuka Material: Navy Silk 

Tsuka Maki: Hineri Maki 

Tsukasame: White - No Navel Knot

Fuchi / Kashira: Inaho - Silver-plated Copper (K-008-4CP2)

Menuki: Sansho - Alloy (M003-1AY2)

Menuki Position: Hyojun  Standard

Saya: Kuroro

Koiguchi Reinforcement : Metal - Reinforcement

Sageo Material: Navy Silk