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Hikari - 1.5 Bu Tezashi Konkawa Bogu Set

by Tozando
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$1,513.76 - $1,513.76
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*It usually takes approximately 2 months to prepare the item when it becomes out of stock, however it takes approximately 3-4 months to prepare it at the moment due to covid influence around Asia.

The Hikari is a rare tezashi bogu that is available in-stock meaning you do not have to wait months to get your hands on it. These aren't just run of the mill bogu though. Each set has been handmade and will be adjusted to your sizes by experienced craftsmen before being shipped. A joy to wear and use because of its incredible fit and fantastic protection it has also been optimised for ease of movement.

It is stitched to 1.5bu to provide an elegant and dignified futon that provides excellent protection. It is finished with genuine indigo dyed deerskin giving it a luxurious appearance and excellent durability.

Without compromising the important protection of the Menbuton at the top, we have used gunome zashi hand-stitching for the Mendare to make it lighter and by also making it shorter, the stress of the shoulders and arms are minimized. The Tozando All Titanium Mengane (Chitan) is highly durable, and the mirror-finish makes for a shimmering surface, making the mengane both functional and attractive!

To make it easier to hold your Shinai, we have made the Kote with 1-line Namako and 2-line Kazari. We have also made Kote futon of the right-hand Kote 10% thicker to provide better protection.

The Do is a light and durable 50/60pc Yamato Do, the pieces vary depending on the size of the Do.

The Tare is decorated with high quality indigo-dyed leather that has been hand-stitched onto the Futon and features Gunomezashi stitching.