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Embu Uniform Set - Heian Tailors Dogi & Striped Hakama Set

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This Deluxe Tozando Super Polyester Kimono Gi & Striped Hakama Set includes a Tozando Super Polyester Kimono Sleeve Iaido Gi and a Tozando Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama at a great set price! This premium set gives you a very traditional look, while keeping the advantage of modern materials to keep you comfortable while wearing the uniform. This is perfect for instructors and more advanced Iaido practitioners! This Super Polyester Iaido Gi is made of 100% polyester and an anti-static yarn is woven to prevent the unwanted static electricity buildup. It also features Kimono sleeves for a more traditional and dignified look. The Super Polyester fabric has a very graceful shine to it, looking luxurious while providing great comfort. Color is available in black and white. The Tozando Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama are sewn one by one by the experienced tailors at the Tozando Nishijin Workshop. Using the Silket fabric (Wool 40% / Polyester 40% / Rayon 20%) to provide a Hakama that is soft as silk, yet durable as a Hakama made with synthetic fabrics. The fabric feels heavy and firm to touch, but is quite elastic and feels great to wear, even while doing kneeling down, our Iaido cut Hakama will follow your movements as it's supposed to. Our tailors have also added inner-stitched pleats to the Hakama to allow for easy maintenance and create a more dignified appearance for the wearer. NOTE: please avoid machine washing Silket Hakama for it could cause unwanted shrinkage. Each set is hand-made by our experienced tailors in our headquarters in Nishijin, Kyoto. NOTE: Kamon embroidery are sold separately, and are not included in the product