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DotAir Hayate Karate Uniform

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Ultralight and fast

The DotAir Hayate Karategi combines the special patented fabric "DotAir", with Mitsuboshi's manufacturing expertise of over 70 years. The outcome is an amazing level of lightness and comfort.

The DotAir is made with Kumite in mind. As a next-generation Japanese Karate uniform, it is developed for full freedom of movement while keeping a stylish look.

For Kumite Use

On top of the patented DotAir fabric, the uniform takes advantage of a special stretch material on the upper back, armpits, inseam, and waist to prevent the dogi from hindering the competitors' movements. 

A three-dimensional sewing technique has been adopted so that the hem of the pants and sleeves does not catch on your arms or legs during competition.

In addition, the design of the sleeves and the pants have also been made featuring diagonal line sewing, creating a stylish look that will make the user stand out in any competition!


100% polyester
Special patented DotAir fabric

Made in Japan

Designed for next-generation Karate. 

Available in:
Regular fit (A cut)
Slim fit (Y cut)
Relax fit (B cut)

*For WKF competitors please check the requirements for competition dogi.