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Complete Kendo Starter Set ISG 8mm Shugo Bogu Set

by Tozando

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※The Bishamon 8mm ISG Kote tend to run a bit small. For this reason we recommend choosing one size up from what the size chart shows for the best experience.

This set brings you everything you will need at a fantastic price. With those new to kendo in mind, we have put together a set that will get you into the dojo and enjoying keiko with ease.

Included in this set:

ISG Shugo Bogu Set : Men, Kote, Tare, Do, ISG Guard, Tenugui, All necessary himo

Basic Synthetic Kendo Uniform Set: Dogi, Hakama

Standard Furnished Shinai w/ Plastic Tsuba and Tsuba-dome

Nylon Bogu Bag

Shobu Pattern Cotton Shinai Bag: Size for 2 Shinai: 146cm x 11 cm


Includes all necessary bogu parts with our ISG Shugo Bogu set. This set includes our shock absorbing 8mm machine stitched futon, perfect for those having regular keiko or just practicing with heavy hitters. As standard this set will also include the ISG Throat Protector to back up the tsuki guard. This helps keep keiko safe, even when practicing tsuki-waza. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love it

Great starter set for new Kendoka

Using everything in this set has become second nature to me, and I often forget that all these items come from the same purchase. In general, all the products are great -and I'd like to point out the products that deserve it the most. The kendo uniform set fits amazing, quite lightweight, and quickly became my favorite uniform set. The bogu set itself is good, but I think could use a couple improvements: the kote don't offer the best protection, the black paint on the men has begun to flake off after only a month of regular use, and every once in a while I feel that the men didn't protect my head as well as it should've. Despite all this, I would still recommend this starter set to all new kendoka. I believe the value for money outweighs any small complaints that I have for each individual component of this set, and the general mass of people who would buy this won't really care all too much about things like the paint falling off their men. What's important is that this set gets you immediately ready to enter your kendojo, and begin keiko without hesitation. This set by Tozando does exactly that, and for that reason I'll rate it five stars.

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Villegas
Best quality and price

This is the best option for new kendokas, the package contains everything you need to start practicing kendo, all with excellent quality and price

ulysses lee
nice quality bogu set

reasonable price with great quality but tengui . however I'm still recommending this compilation of bogu