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Akebono - Nami Tsumugi Iaido Uniform Set

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Made using polyester threads spun in the classical "tsumugi" method, traditionally used for weaving silk garments, the Akebono Iaido Uniform is a beautifully lgiht and refined set of dogi and hakama.

The Nami Tsumugi - wave tsumugi - fabric is light and durable, making a great choice for iaido gi. The wave pattern makes it look both unique and very comfortable. Smooth and matte, it has a traditional and dignified appearance. The lightweight yet durable fabric does not stick to yuor skin when humid.

both pieces are made together at our Heian Tailors in the ehart of Kyoto's traditional weaving distrcit of Nishijin. The dogi stands out for its elegant okumi tailoring, keeping its form and staying closed through out training without the need for himo. The hakama have their inner-pleats stitched so as make them easy to maintain and always have a flawless appearance.

Customer Reviews

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Arnaud Bonnet

so beautiful product

Rodney Pearce
Aussie review

Very high quality product cost in time will see the longteam valve

Wade Campbell
Feels fantastic, worth the cost

I was looking into various Dogi/Hakama sets from many websites. Saw various price points and different materials and qualities. When I came across this set I instantly loved how it looked and could tell it was just made better. I didn't want to cheap out and I am glad I didn't. Very comfortable to practice Iaido in and looks better than the photos show. Your tailors should be proud, they did an outstanding job, keep up the good work!