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Akebono - Nami Tsumugi Iaido Gi

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The Akebono is made with a special polyester fabric in the "tsumugi" style, which gives the dogi a very traditional look befitting of a Iaido practitioner - especially combined with kimono sleeves.

Traditional tsumugi fabric is made by using silk floss which is spun by hand into yarn. Once considered inferior to pure silk as it took a lot of time and work to weave the yarn into a proper garment, it is nowadays an important traditional Japanese craft that is internationally recognized for it's quality.

The Nami Tsumugi - wave tsumugi - fabric is light and durable, making a great choice for iaido gi. The wave pattern makes it look both unique and very comfortable. Smooth and matte, it has a traditional and dignified appearance. The lightweight yet durable fabric does not stick to your skin when humid.

This iaido gi also features the chest-seaming, well-known in Japan as Okumi, which prevents the gi getting disheveled and maintains a beautiful silhouette, even without the use of himo.

This all results in iaidogi that is durable, light and comfortable, with an elegant silhouette. Polyester also makes maintenance a breeze, as you can wash it directly in your washing machine and have it dry in the morning.


Color: Black