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Tozando ISG Face Shield

We are proud to present our newly developed Face Shield – a clear shield that you can insert into the men of your bogu that will cover both your mouth and your eyes, severely restricting the transmission of particles without hampering your ability to breathe.

Tozando faceguard attached to men, seen from above.

Designed in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic – especially as in many parts of the world restrictions will be eased over time. Though things appear to be improving, it is now that we need to be the most vigilant. We need to prioritize not only our own wellbeing and safety, but also that of our partners.

Extensive international research is increasingly concluding that transmission of Covid-19 occurs through droplets making contact with both the eyes and mouth. Studies have shown that wearing a mask in your day to day life limits your ability to transmit to others. This means through solidarity and courtesy to each other we can limit the effects of this virus.

This is what the Face Shield is all about – not only protecting you, but also protecting your partner and letting you pursue the art that you love whilst minimizing the risks.

Specially designed and tested for Bogu Keiko

Supporting our return to Keiko

We would not be in business were it not for all of the passionate budoka striving to improve themselves across the world. So, we want to support you all and give everyone the opportunity to be as safe as they can in returning to practice.

Kendo Men being worn with the Faceguard attached.

Protection First and Foremost

The Face Shield has been designed in response to the evolving situation with the Coronavirus, but we wanted to make sure that it also served a practical purpose beyond this pandemic.

Made from durable and flexible PET recyclable plastic; it fits into your men securely, providing a see-through guard from above your eyes to below your mouth. This creates a full barrier that will catch any droplets produced by kiai and prevent them from being flung at your partner. Furthermore, it will severely reduce the means of entry for foreign particles into your men during practice. Together with other partners, this will provide the best possible circumstances to continue keiko.

Kendo Men seen from the front with the Faceguard attached.

Because the plastic is durable and scratch resistant, it will also protect your eyes and face from rogue splinters and fragments of equipment that might make it through your mengane. Whilst circumstances like this are rare, the consequences can be severe – the Face Shield provides a practical piece of protection that can be used whenever you need it.

Side-on view of the Faceguard face protector inside a Kendo Men.

Demonstrating the protective capabilities of the Face Shield

We have prepared a demonstration of the spread of particles during kiai (kote in this example) without protection, wearing a separate eye and mouth guard and finally with our full Face Shield.


Anti-fog Treatment Eliminates Clouding

To provide adequate protection we were adamant from the start that it would protect both your eyes and your mouth. Now, this protection is no good if it immediately fogs up as soon as you unleash a kiai, or just breathe for that matter!

Side-on view of breathing using the Faceguard, no clouding can be seen.

This is why our Face Shield is treated with a special coating that eliminates any fogging caused by breath or heat. Check out the video below so you can see for yourself.

Even when placed close to boiling water the treatment prevents any fogging so you can always see clearly.


Breathe Easily with a Clear Air-flow

One of the challenges when developing the Face Shield was balancing the need to protect the eyes and mouth against the need to have strong airflow. Kendo, Naginata and Jukendo are active sports requiring bursts of speed and athleticism – which in turn demand strong breathing.

View of the faceguard's upper opening, allowing you air to cycle in easily.

We spent a long time developing and testing the Face Shield with aerobic exercise to find the best balance between creating a barrier and keeping air channels open at the top of the men. This channel allows air to be cycled in and out, keeping you cool and breathing normally without compromising the protection you receive.

Easy to Attach, Easy to Remove, Secure throughout Keiko

The Face Shield couldn’t be simpler to install or remove, it clips in neatly to your mengane at the third bar from the top.

Specially shaped to contour to the unique profile of the men, as well as attachments like the chichikawa – the Face Shield is as unobtrusive as possible whilst remaining securely fitted.

The Faceguard being easily inserted into a Kendo Men.

No parts extend or protrude beyond the mengane, keeping the guard safe from shinai strikes and accidental collisions. This means you can relax and focus on keiko with peace of mind.

The Faceguard completely inserted into a Kendo Men.

It is important to note that this Face Shield has been specifically shaped and cut so it can be worn with a Men without disrupting your chakuso. It features spaces for your chichikawa to slot into to prevent warping and loss of protection. Other guards that have been rushed out do not take this into account.

The Faceguard cut aways that allow the chichikawa to be worn without obstruction.

Overcoming the Challenge Together

We hope that with the Face Shield that we all have every opportunity to return to keiko safely and in a controlled manner. It is tough waiting out this pandemic, but we need to be as careful as we can. If we are lucky to be in a position to return to keiko it is best to do so carefully – it is our wish that the ISG Face Shield will help budoka who use bogu everywhere.

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