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Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks - Souga - 21cm

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Made in Japan using all natural wood, these traditional Japanese chopsticks (hashi) are of the famous Wakasa Lacquer style, made famous in the early Edo Period by craftsman Mastuura Sanjuro. 

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Length: 21 cm


How to care for traditional Japanese chopsticks


Our chopsticks, o-hashi in Japanese, are made from high quality materials which require proper care to maintain their original appearance and quality.

 As a rule of thumb, chopsticks should never be soaked in water for an extended period and should never be washed using hard scrubbing utensils.

 Please use the following guidelines to care for your chopstick depending on the product specifications.


For dishwasher compatible chopsticks.

When using the dishwasher please put the tip of the chopsticks (the part that goes into your mouth) facing up, this will prevent undue stress to the tip.


For painted chopsticks.

Please do not put them in the dishwasher.

Please avoid using hard scrubbing brushes and strong washing soaps especially ones containing scouring cream.

Please wash with a soft sponge and mild soaps.


For lacquered chopsticks.

As with painted chopsticks, please avoid using hard scrubbing brushes or strong soaps, and wash with a soft sponge.

It is best to wipe off the chopsticks as soon as possible using a clean cloth, as extended exposure to water can compromise the integrity of the lacquer.


 Finally, please note that quality traditional chopsticks should never be stored in direct sunlight.