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Grip-Master Suburi Bokuto

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What is the Grip-Master Suburi Bokuto?

Unlike regular bokuto, the Grip-Master Suburi Bokuto is designed specifically for kendo.

Features of the Master-Grip

The tsuka is based on the standard round shape of a shinai and lacks the standard sori (curvature) of the bokuto, and is made straight as a shinai. By using white oak from Hokkaido, which is neither too heavy nor too light, the Grip-Master is well-balanced and comfortable to swing in the hand. The colored line down the mine (back ridge) allows the user to visually see the hasuji and feel it with the specifically designed flattened areas on the tsuka while swinging. 

What happens when you use the Master-Grip?

By learning to swing the shinai with correct Tenouchi, you can swing the shinai more like an actual sword. This will improve your kendo technique. It is easy to learn advanced techniques (Nuki Waza, Suri-age Waza, or Kaeshi Waza) using the shinogi of the shinai. 
A correct grip is key to kendo progression and perfection of the hand leads to perfection of the technique.