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Furisen Magnum - Short Suburi Shinai


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Weighing approximately 1100g, this beefy suburi shinai is designed to be used either with both hands or just one. It's short length makes it easy to use indoors for those kendoka looking for a tools to help them increase their strength and endurance at home.

Please be aware that this item uses a powerful adhesive to help keep the leather fittings in place. This adhesive will have a distinct smell which will dissipate over time and is completely normal for new items.

Length: approx. - 71cm

Tsukagawa Length. - approx. 32cm

Weight: approx. - 1.1Kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Le produit correspond complètement à mon attente . Ideal pour travailler son Kendo à la maison et se muscler les avants bras .

Great Weight and Balance

Overall. had a positive experience in terms of limited space practice and the balance + weight is perfect. I have had bad issues with the odor of the adhesive they used though. I had to remove the furnishings altogether and sanded the adhesive off to avoid triggering my allergies constantly and the smell was very very strong. If you're not sensitive to odors, this should be fine.

Baron Jonathan
Great training tool indoor

Excellent if you live in an apartment, you avoid beating the ceiling and decoration, 1.2 kg would seem very heavy, but when using it and because of the size it has, it feels similar to the large suburi boken.

Anil Sahal
Carved piece of timber

A substantial piece if timber, carved to look like slated bamboo, but it’s not, as evidenced by pulling back the tsukagawa a little and seeing where the grooves stop. One might as well invest in a much cheaper ‘one hand suburi bokken’ available from Tozando’s UK sister site. If it’s important your suburito looks like a shinai, then this is more your thing.

Travis Landmesser
Worth every penny

The short suburi shinai is the perfect tool for training at home (or anywhere really). At 1100g its slightly heavier then most other brands you will find, which I prefer. I find it perfect for using while sitting at my desk when working from home. Even though the shinai is short, the tsuka is the full standard length, which makes your suburi practice accurate and practical. This is an invaluable tool for any serious kendoka.