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3 Style Shinai Set

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Shinai Test Set 

Standard Men’s 39 x 3

This set allows you to try Koto, Dobari, and standard Koban style shinai! All shinai will be fully furnished with the fittings shown below. Out of the box, ready to go! This is the perfect set to try three very different high-quality shinai! 

Tokuren Koto Shinai

The Tokuren possesses an almost perfectly straight profile from kensen to tsuka, flaring only slightly at the base. This supreme koto shinai has an even balance all the way down its length. It cuts through the air incredibly quickly making it perfect for large and final strikes. It is especially good at closing down the center line and striking Men. It is constructed four incredibly even and dense staves that when assembled form a cross when viewed from the tip. This construction gives the tokuren its compact and slim design.

Japanese Madake bamboo is widely considered the finest material for making shinai. slow growth results in a dense grain that is very durable as well as providing excellent feedback from strikes. This especially noticeable on a koto shinai, like the Tokuren - strikes resound definitively, encouraging crisp and positive kendo.

Issen Dobari Shinai

This is a standard jissengata dobari-style shinai - this means it is balanced with shiai in mind. The kensen - tip - is made slightly slimmer to promote the feeling of speed when swinging your shinai and its broader body keeps the balance of the shinai towards the tsuka, which makes it feel lighter to handle. The issen can be customized to have a thicker tsuka which can emphasise the lightness of the tip even further. 

Standard Weight Koban Shinai

This shinai is evenly distributed and perfect for any keiko or shiai occasion. The balance also allows you to really see the difference between a standard round grip shinai and the koban oval shaped tsuka. Perfect for improving hassuji, this shinai really gives excellent feedback when doing suburi or during keiko. We highly recommend giving this shinai a try and see how it can help give you the feedback you want to improve.