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Jukendo Mokuju For Competition

by Tozando
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The mokuju is a wooden rifle used in the modern budo of jukendo. It simulates a bayonet and is used to thrust at the opponent.

Our mokuju are hand crafted by the traditional Aramaki Workshop of Miyazaki Prefecture. Renowned for their out standing craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The mokuju is available in two types, one for shiai - competition - and one for regular training known as kokutai. The shiai version is slightly lighter and does not feature the grooved sides. The kokutai version has grooves on the outside and a more realistic stock as well as being slightly heavier - so as to resemble a genuine rifle more closely.


Shiai Competition Features

Approximate Length - 166cm

Weight - 1.3kg


This white Oak Mokuju is completely untreated. For a 'how to' guide on waxing wooden weapons, please check out our walk-through video, "How to wax bokken."