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Clarino Shino - Jukendo Glove

by Tozando
Original price $26.51 - Original price $29.45
Original price
$26.51 - $29.45
Current price $26.51

The Shino is a single glove worn on the right hand that holds the grip of a mokuju in jukendo. It helps to maintain a good grip during practice and rpevent blisters.

This shino is made from 1mm synthetic deerskin called clarino which is soft and durable - the thumb is double lined as this area suffers the most friction during practice.

Choose between 1, 2 or 3 finger versions in addition to the thumb. These fingers are unisized, but practiitoners with large hands will find the single finger version most comfortable. you can also choose between black and white.

Color: Black