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Nito-ryu Shinai Daisho Set

by Tozando

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The perfect set for anyone wishing to take up nito-ryu or for those who just wish to get a new set at a great price. We have paired the standard weight shoto with a size 37 daito. This daito has been given the koban-gata tsuka or "oval shaped grip" to help improve hasuji and make it easier to hold. Both shinai come fully assembled with fittings.

Daito - Subaru Kobangata 37 Shinai

Shoto - Standard Regulation Men's Nito Shoto

Customer Reviews

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Great set for nito

This is a great first choice if you're trying to get into nito-ryu. The koban (oval) grip of the daito really allows you to be aware of the "edge" of the blade, which I used to have trouble with when I used a standard round grip. The shoto is also great, and I have no complaints. Tozando as a seller has always been great at getting my items to my house in the US quick, and I have nothing but good things to say. I would definitely recommend buying this set!